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Taylor Swift used to rock wild and crazy curls, then she switched to a banging, straight-haired 'do, and eventually she lopped her locks off which resulted in the lovely little lob she has to this day.

The 25-year-old "Shake It Off" singer has yet to try anything too extreme with her tresses, but thanks to Miley Cyrus, we now know that T.Swift would look great with Justin Bieber's haircut (circa 2011).

Miley, 22, re-posted a vintage picture to Instagram that showed Taylor's face on Justin's body (and vice versa). As the caption notes, "If you face swap Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, they look like a cute lesbian couple."

They're pretty people no matter how you look at 'em! Anyway, Taylor might not have necessarily liked seeing her face on the Biebs' body. A fan account devoted to highlighting the pop star's Instagram activity (@taylornoticed) posted a screenshot of Tay's purported response to Miley's post, which read simply, "Sending you love."

That's it?! The person behind this @taylornoticed wrote that they were loving "Taylor's sassy comments," but other commenters noted that Miley "wasn't even shading Taylor" to begin with.

One fan pointed out we don't "understand the figurative underlying meaning of the comment instead of what it looks like on the surface" (what?), while another poised the question, "Do you really think she intended it to be literal? Taylor is smart, she conveys her meaning very cleverly with words. We should look at the deeper meaning underlying her comment rather than the literal meaning. Looking at the context, it's safe to say what Taylor was trying to say."

#SwiftieProblems, much?!

Maybe Taylor didn't like being digitally edited into a singular human with the Biebs, or perhaps she wasn't keen on being featured on Miley's Instagram at all. There's also the crazy possibility that she was—no subtext!—just sending some love Hannah Montana's way.

The end.

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