Paul Rudd and Jon Hamm are great friends, but it wasn't always that way. 

Their bromance was unable to blossom because of a significant roadblock: a girl.

When Rudd was in college he used to go down to St. Louis with his roommate (who was childhood friends with Hamm) to hang out with the future Mad Men star. The issue was that Paul would bring his then girlfriend who happened to be Jon's ex. 

The Ant-Man star recalls, "Jon and I knew each other back then, though we both sort of liked the same girl, so I was not so crazy about Jon."

John Hamm, Paul Rudd

Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

The rivalry came to a head during a match of trivial pursuit, "He was great at everything. We were playing trivial pursuit one time and I was with Sarah, the girl...I would roll and be, 'Um entertainment, sports.'  And Jon, every time he rolled, 'I wanna go history.' And it was the most emasculating, because every time he'd get a question he'd get it right every time. And I actually felt so lame that I'd start reading atlases."

The two eventually reconciled and became great friends.

Jon, Paul, and fellow actor Adam Scott were a trio of buddies before any of them made it big time. 

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