Does Sam Heughan have any tattoos? How do you pronounce Caitriona Balfe?

Fun fact! If you go to Google, these are the types of things that pop up when you start typing terms like "Does Sam" or "Is Caitriona" etc. Which means they are the most Googled questions asked about the lovely actors who play our beloved Jamie Fraser and Claire Fraser on the hit Straz show!

And guess what? Your fingers don't have to click any further, because Sam and Cait graciously agreed to do this public service for all of you: Answer the most-asked questions, rapid-fire style. 

They answered ALMOST all of them. You can probably guess which one didn't get a direct response...

Click on the video above!

And then check out the video below as we chatted with Sam and Cait about all things Comic-Con, Sam's two-year anniversary and season two for Outlander, which cannot come soon enough.


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