Salma Hayek, 48, Poses Topless for Allure, Says She's Never Had Botox or Anti-Aging Surgery: ''Thank God I Didn't Do That''

Actress also gushes over her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault

By Alyssa Toomey Jul 14, 2015 5:44 PMTags
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Count Salma Hayek among the few women in Hollywood who haven't gone under the knife. 

The 48-year beauty covers the latest issue of Allure, looking sexier than ever as she shows off her famous cleavage, big brown eyes and plump pout. She also poses topless inside the magazine, clutching her bare breasts in the supersexy black and white shot.

In the accompanying interview, the Mexican beauty opens up about her marriage to Francois-Henri Pinault, her 7-year-old daughter Valentina and reveals the worst beauty advice she's ever received. 

"You should start Botox.' When I was young, they tried to sell me on the idea: 'If you do it now, then you won't get the wrinkles,'" Hayek, who says she's never undergone any anti-aging surgery, confesses. "And thank God I didn't do that."

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According to Hayek, much of her confidence comes from her relationship with her billionaire hubby, whom she wed in 2009.

"I wish I knew [when I was younger] that I was going to fall crazy in love with the perfect man," she says. "I was so worried, and I dated some people I shouldn't have dated. You get desperate, and you start seeing wonderful things in, like, the wrong guys."

She adds: "I also found some pretty good guys. But I wish I could say to myself, 'Hey, chill out. You're going to get a great husband that's going to adore you.' I would have saved myself a lot of personal drama." 

Regrets aside, the Everly stunner says she has never been apart from her husband and her daughter for more than two weeks. "We don't separate for long periods of time. Never." 

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Following the birth of her daughter, Hayek took a break from the movie biz, and says it was her husband who urged her to return to work. 

"I said, 'I don't think I want to work anymore,'" she recalls. "And it was François who said, 'Oh, no, you're going back to work.' And I said, 'I don't want to.' 'Well, you have to. We're not putting up with some lazy girl in the house. That's not who I married.'

"And then he said something so beautiful," she continues. "'I don't want to be deprived of your work. I want to watch it, too. And the world has not seen the best of you yet. So you cannot stop until some of that is put out.' So he sort of really pushed me, like, 'Get up on your feet and get out there.' And he was right."

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