Kate Winslet Steals the Wimbledon Spotlight With Her Wild and Hilarious Faces—Take a Look!

Actress can’t handle the stress of tennis while watching the final matches

By Mike Vulpo Jul 12, 2015 11:48 PMTags
Kate WinsletKarwai Tang/WireImage

Take a deep breath and relax Kate Winslet. Everything's going to be a-okay.

Sunday morning marked the last Wimbledon tennis matches of the year. And while the A-list actress didn't exactly have a family member or BFF competing in the men's final, she certainly didn't hold back while sitting in the cheering section.

In several picture-perfect moments, Winslet was caught being the ultimate fangirl as she watched each and every play. Oh, and did we mention she had a different facial expression for almost every scenario possible?

Having your eyes closed can't be a good sign. But the fists pumping and mouth wide open must mean the game is on point. You do you, girl!

Karwai Tang/WireImage

For those interested in what actually happened on the court, Novak Djokovic claimed his third Wimbledon title when he beat pro Roger Federer.

"Thank you to my team, to my #NoleFam and to all the people cheering and supporting me here @Wimbledon," Djokovic tweeted after his big win. Yes Winslet, you are totally included.

Bradley Cooper, Hugh Grant, Benedict Cumberbatch, Pippa Middleton, Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher also made an appearance for the men's final match.

Before we forget about the ladies, respect must be given to Serena Williams. The 33-year-old champion killed it once again Saturday morning by winning four straight majors at Wimbledon.

Imagine if Winslet was at that match!