Could Taylor Swift possibly be coming to X-Men? The internet were lit afire when Swift was spotted in a photo tweeted by none other than X-Men: Apocalypse producer, Simon Kinberg, hanging out with the film's stars Sophie Turner and James McAvoy.

And now, Sophie herself answers definitively in the exclusive video interview above. Press play now!

[Spoiler Alert: Do not hit play if you are behind on GOT and don't know who died...You have been warned]

"No," she told me definitively when asked if Taylor is joining the fim. "We just went to her concert and then I guess she wanted to meet us and we really wanted to meet her so we just hung out with her for a bit. Played a couple of drinking games. It was awesome."

Taylor Swift, James McAvoy, Sophie Turner, Simon Kinberg


When asked if Taylor is really as cool as she seems, Sophie immediately replies: "Probably cooler."

Totally buying that, but on the other hand Swift apparently has yet to discover one of the best TV shows of all time: Game of Thrones, starring her new BFF drinking-game buddy Sophie (Sansa) and Maisie Williams (Arya), whom we spoke to together during Comic-Con.

"We'll give [Taylor] the box set!" Maisie told, after Sophie admitted Taylor doesn't watch GOT. "She'll love it!"

"I feel like her songs would become really depressing," Sophie added with a laugh. "I think we should get her to watch Game of Thrones. But all her songs would be about bad blood." And fire and ice.

This Maisie-Sophie interview was also swoon-worthy for any GOT fan, because seeing Arya and Sansa reunited and hugging each other throughout brings about...So. Many. Feels. Somewhere, Ned Stark is looking down and smiling. #NeverForget

The actresses have an epic pitch for how their characters should be brought back together on the show, and some very real thoughts about the shocking death know who.

Watch the video above! And stand by for more Game of Thrones interviews and scoop from Comic-Con!

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