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Put on the Marvin Gaye and dim the lights, things are getting seriously steamy on Arrow in season four.

Remember how Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) actually drove off into the sunset in the season finale, with Oliver leaving his life as the Arrow in Starling City behind? Yeah, those two crazy kids will be in the midst of "domestic bliss" when the CW hit returns in October.

"It'll be about five months," executive producer Wendi Mericle tells E! News at Comic-Con 2015 of the time-jump in the premiere, calling that period a time of "domestic bliss" for Oliver and Felicity. Keyword there: bliss

"It's been really good," executive producer Marc Guggenheim says of their time alone. "There's been a lot of sex!"

What's that sound? it's the sound of the Olicity fans going wild, possibly breaking the Internet in the process.

However, this is a fan-favorite couple. On a TV show. So, of course, conflict is ahead. What are you, new?!

"I think the biggest obstacle will be the decision as to whether he'll come back and be the Arrow again," Mericle previews of what's in store for the duo. "We're going to explore what it's like for them to be a couple and be in the lair together. These are life and death stakes when they go out every night; how does that affect you when your girlfriend you love the most is there with you and vice versa." 

And fans can expect some "surprises" when it comes to Felicity this upcoming season, with Mericle teasing, "We'll have some surprises in terms of her actual ambitions beyond the relationship...I think she likes what they do. She has ambitions to be her own version of a superhero."

Oh, and one of the themes of season four will be "family," with viewers getting to see even more of Felicity's fam. Happy Hanukkah in July!

Make sure to check back with us later to get scoop on Olicity's "domestic bliss" straight from Stephen and Emily! Plus, they received their trophies for winning Best Couple and Steamiest Moment in our Best. Ever. TV. Awards and thanked all the fans!

Arrow returns Oct. 7 on the CW.

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