Lark Voorhies Files for Divorce 6 Months After Eloping in Las Vegas

Saved by the Bell actress breaks silence to ET about her mom's issues with her new husband, Jimmy Green

By Natalie Finn Oct 21, 2015 10:00 PMTags
Lark Voorhies, Jimmy GreenAlbert L. Ortega/Getty Images

UPDATE: E! News has learned that Lark Voorhies has filed for divorce from Jimmy Green after six months of marriage.

The Saved by the Bell actress eloped with her producer beau in Las Vegas, and had defended the marriage after her mother criticized the couple's relationship dynamic.


When even those producing the interview call it at times "odd and rambling"...

You know that what you're about to watch may be strange.

Indeed, in a tough to watch sit-down with Entertainment Tonight, Lark defends her husband, record producer Jimmy, against her mother's allegations that he's up to no good. Voorhies, whose mom, Trica Voorhies, also previously told People that her daughter was bipolar, obtained a restraining order against Green in June.

Voorhies and Green met on Facebook and tied the knot in April after about a year of dating.

In addition to sticking up for her marriage, Voorhies also reiterated to ET that she was not bipolar nor had ever been. "I have always been mentally healthy, 100 percent stable," the former Saved by the Bell star insisted.

Asked about her mom saying that there were times when she had gone off of medication and dealt with various issues, Voorhies acknowledged that she has struggled at times.

"I had a sweep with, um...textbook clinical depression in remove of my first marriage, but that is basically all it's been," she said.

But as for Green and her mom's concerns about him, it sounded as though Voorhies was at first trying to say that her mom seemed to support her when she got married.

"The support was there, you know, uh, specific as necessary," she said. "Exact. It's all celebratory so it's a very strong, powerful, ongoing...and we carry that through..."

"He's not [taking advantage of me]," Voorhies said when asked point-blank if that was the case. "We're selectively together for all the right reasons."

Sitting next to his wife, Green also said that he didn't behave aggressively "enough" to merit the restraining order in place against him. "I was just aggressive, being..."

"Powerfully spoken," Voorhies interjected.

Asked what he wanted people to take away after watching their interview, Green offered, "[That] they just understand that we're the same as any other couple out there that's in love, trying to accomplish business together and it's not a scam or way to get money."

"Right, the powerful uniting of one active, productive purpose," Voorhies added.