Paris Hilton, Repo: The Genetic Opera (poster)


What's up with Repo! The Genetic Opera? Why make a movie that's only going to play in a few cities and then go straight to DVD? How can a movie with Paris Hilton have almost no promotion? I'm so confused.
—Green, Portland

So were the moviemakers, or they would have known that Paris hasn't done anything even mildly interesting since the high days of Sanjaya. So how can these producers ever hope to make money?

"They book a few theaters and get a tiny bit of exposure, and hopefully some good press," one of my film marketing sources tells me. "Then they use that to promote the DVD. And people say, 'Oh, that was theatrical! I must have missed it!' " Genius!

Did Rachel Zoe's new show get canceled? Or was that the whole season?
—Love Munky

The season's over. Bravo publicity says it's too early to talk about a season two, but they sure are happy with how season one turned out.

I heard that Katt Williams died in a plane crash. Is that true?
—Cherry Martinez

Nope. Sure isn't.

Why are you so boring these days? End our dependence on foreign wit and irony

Pretty hard to be exciting when the only questions you get are about Brenda Song.

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