Halle Berry Talks Motherhood, a Storm Movie and Those X-Men Wigs

Oscar winner dishes on spending time with her kids

By Marc Malkin Jul 10, 2015 2:20 PMTags
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Halle Berry wants a Storm movie—like right now!

"Someone has to call the people at Fox and tell them that's what they should do and they should cast me in it," the Oscar winner told me yesterday at E!'s LG G4 Lounge at Comic-Con. "Whether it's me or not, Storm has always been one of the most beloved characters of that comic book series so she deserves her story."

"Even if it's not me, someone should do her story because there's a great story to tell about her. I hope they do it someday."


If, for some odd reason, the studio would go for another actress to play the superhero role, Berry will always have her iconic white wigs. "I have all the wigs—and I wear them sometimes just for fun!" she said with a big laugh. "Nahla wears them. I wear them. Others wear them."

Speaking of Nahla, Berry says signing on for her CBS television series Extant wasn't exactly what she was hoping for when it came to her family. She originally envisioned that the regular schedule of a TV show would me more time with Nahla, 7, and her 21-month-old son Maceo.

"I found out that that's just not true," Berry said. "But I love going to work so much. I'm finding a way to find a balance. And when I am with my kids, I'm really with my kids and that makes up for the time when I can't be."

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