Lupita Nyong'o Steams Her Hair With a Clothing Iron—Watch Now!

Star showcases, er, interesting hair tool on Instagram

By Nicole Adlman Jul 09, 2015 6:30 PMTags

Be very, very careful if you try this at home, folks!

Lupita Nyong'o took to Instagram on Thursday with a slightly recent throwback vid showcasing an, er, interesting mane improvisation: The actress sits still while a hairstylist Vernon Francois uses a clothing iron (yes, that same device you use to unwrinkle your button-downs, blouses, etc.) to spritz and, as far as we can tell, steam her hair.

"My #tbt is a Hair tip from the infinitely talented @vernonfrancois: when you go #glamping and you forgot your spray bottle, an iron can come in very handy," the actress wrote alongside the short video, along with a cautionary hashtag, "dontturniton." (Don't need to tell us twice...)

Obviously, the hot plate looming over Lupita's flawless face is a bit scary, but Francois seems to have it under control (we bet there's a lot of trust involved).


This ultimate DYI moment comes from Nyong'o's trip to the Amboseli National Park in Kenya in late June, which, beyond glamping, included advocacy work: The Oscar winner is partnering with WildAid on elephant conservation efforts and to promote education and arts initiatives for Kenyan women.


And this isn't Lupita's only hair trick—another Instagram snap shows that when in doubt (or sans clothing iron), there's always a hat! In this case, a chic taupe fedora.