Game Of Thrones Finale, Maisie Williams


You tell 'em, Sansa! 

At today's Game of Thrones panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, Sophie Turner had a few things to say about what was arguably TV's most controversial storyline this season.

Viewers were fairly outraged when Sansa was forced to marry the deeply evil Ramsay Bolton and was then raped by him multiple times, with Theon/Reek (Alfie Allen) standing by, forced to watch. It wasn't fun to watch, and it was probably a lot less fun to film. When asked about that first rape scene, which also featured a lot of Theon looking horrified, Turner was equally confused as to why his face became the focus. 

"You'll have to ask the producers why the scene focused on Reek because I was giving a great performance," she said. 

While Alfie Allen said that he had wanted Theon to get even darker this season, we're pretty sure that's not actually possible. Turner revealed that as if her wedding to Ramsay weren't horrible enough, Theon was wearing Robb Stark's clothing at the ceremony. 

For her part, at least Gwendolyn Christie says that her/Brienne's biggest regret by far is not waiting around for Sansa's candle to appear in that window, which would have most likely saved us all a whole lot of heartbreak this season. 

If you were hoping for any good news about Jon Snow, this was probably a great big disappointment of a panel, because we got nothing. In fact, we got hardly any info on next season at all. That's understandable, since season five just ended, but we now have to face the fact that it's going to be a while before we know anything new. 

According to director David Nutter, even President Obama is worried about the fate of everyone's favorite bastard-of-questionable-lineage. Obama apparently asked Nutter whether they had truly killed Jon Snow, and Nutter had to tell the president of the United States the bad news that Jon is really and truly dead. In fact, Nutter's actual words to the audience were that Jon is "deader than dead." 

While we're still not buying that line everyone keeps feeding us about Jon Snow being dead, and the cast was very clearly not talking about it during the panel. They were more content to talk about literally anything else, like Sam and Gilly's sex life and Maisie Williams now having to wear contacts. 

The wait for season six is especially painful now that the show has caught up to the books, and while the show did veer slightly away from following the books exactly, producer Carolyn Strauss revealed that they are still following George R.R. Martin's general plan for the story. Martin "has laid out sort of what his thinking was moving forward and then Dan (Weiss) and David (Benioff) go from there. 

There was no new footage to show during the panel, but be sure to check out the audition video that was shown, because it's pretty much the cutest. 

You can see Kristin Dos Santos' full live-tweet of the panel by following her on Twitter, and be sure to follow @Eonline and @EonlineTV for all the Comic-Con coverage you'll ever need! 

Game of Thrones airs on HBO. 

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