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Ever since the news broke about the new Ghostbusters reboot, the original movie's legions of fans have been opinionated, to say the least. There was a large contingent who didn't want the movie remade at all, there were the obnoxious folks who didn't like the idea of (gasp!) an all-female version, and then there were the fans who just wanted to make sure that the reboot honored the original properly.

As more and more details come out about the film, those camps have remained relatively intact but with more...opinions? Well, that's putting it nicely. Ghostbusters fans have not been holding back at all, whether it's to totally geek out or to straight-up rip the movie a new one. First photos from the Boston set started to surface, showing cast members like Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig in their ghost-busting getups.

Then today, director Paul Feig decided to give fans a little gift by revealing an image of the revamped Ecto-1 car on Twitter.

And let's just say that reactions were heated. Very heated. Very very very heated. We decided to take a deep dive into fan reaction to the prop piece, and we ended up knee-deep in some totally crazed Ghostbusters fans. It's certainly a positive that moviegoers are so passionate about one of the most classic flicks, but they may be taking things a bit too far. You be the judge.

First, we'll start with the good news; there was a sizable chunk of Ecto-1 supporters. Or, rather, Paul Feig supporters who are deciding to put their trust in the renowned director.

Then there's the not-so-good news. A lot of people are really pissed about the big reveal. Whether they're not happy with the aesthetics of the car or just actively against the idea of a Ghostbusters remake altogether, they didn't hide their feelings. At all.

But since we never want to end on a negative note, let's take a moment to acknowledge one Ghostbusters reveal that people can't help but love: Kate McKinnon's costume. Girl's got flair, and no one can deny it. So at least we have that to look forward to.

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