Johnny Depp, Er, Captain Jack Sparrow Makes a Heartwarming Visit to a Children's Hospital in Australia

Actor shows up in full Pirates regalia to surprise the kids

By Bruna Nessif Jul 08, 2015 1:29 AMTags
Johnny Depp, Captain Jack Sparrow, Children's HospitalJuiced TV and the Children’s Hospital Foundation

Johnny Depp just may be the sweetest pirate there ever was.

The actor dressed in full Jack Sparrow garb to make a surprise visit to the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital to put some smiles on kids' faces. The children's hospital in Australia is close to where he's currently filming the latest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, and the photos that hit the Twitterverse will tug at your heart.

Depp, er, Sparrow is seen interacting with a number of young fans, posing for selfies and kneeling down for a loving embrace. So sweet!

One of the children who got to meet Depp, Max Bennet, 7, was having dinner with his mother Rachel when a black helicopter landed at the hospital, according to in Australia.

"He was going from room to room seeing all the kids who couldn't get out of bed," Rachel told the outlet. "We waited out of the front of one of the rooms, and he came up to us and had a really good chat to Max."

Max's mother said, "It was really beautiful. Everyone kept on trying to move him on, but he kept on coming back" to be with the kids.

Juiced TV and the Children’s Hospital Foundation

Depp actually told E! News a few years back that he always travels with his Sparrow costume for this reason.

"Sometimes you go to kiddie hospitals and things like that," the actor explained while promoting his latest flick, The Lone Ranger in 2013. "I'll just sneak in and go and surprise a bunch of kiddies through the different wards…It basically turns into a two-, three-hour improvisation and it's really fun. So I travel with Captain Jack."

But the Captain's travels aren't limited to just hospitals. Back in 2010, the movie star, who was in London shooting the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean flick at the time, decided to surprise the kids at Meridian Primary School in Greenwich after an intrepid 9-year-old asked for his help in waging mutiny against their teachers.

And Depp, dressed in full Pirates regalia, happily obliged, although he told little Beatrice they were going to have to hold off on the mutiny because of the police escort waiting for him outside.

Love it.

Juiced TV and the Children’s Hospital Foundation
Juiced TV and the Children’s Hospital Foundation
Juiced TV and the Children’s Hospital Foundation
Juiced TV and the Children’s Hospital Foundation