Starbucks Cold Brew


Starbucks taketh away, and then Starbucks giveth.

Earlier this week customers were all riled up about a price hike—the coffee company announced that drinks may cost up to 20 cents more. But just when loyalists were contemplating crossing the no-fly zone to start ordering their lattes from (gasp!) Coffee Bean, Starbucks decided to make up for the price change in a big way. A very big way.

As of today, small-batch cold brew is going to be available in coffee shops across the country. That's right, Starbucks is going artisanal!

The special coffee has been available in select stores in the northeast for a few months now, but the powers that be decided it was high time to spread the love. 

In case you're not familiar with cold brew, it's basically a really fancy (and really delicious) version of iced coffee. Basically Starbucks uses special beans made just for iced coffee, and then steep in a container of cold water for 20 (yes, 20!) hours. When it's ready to serve baristas just top it off with water and ice—no overload of milk or sugar is needed for this stuff. And, since it takes almost a full day to make each batch, the drink is basically the closest thing you'll get to your neighborhood fancy-schmancy coffee shop.

In other words, Starbucks is stepping up their game big-time. For once we'll say it sounds like the changes are worth the price hike.

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