Actress Hides Failed Boob Job By Stuffing Her Bra With Breast Implants—See the Botched Deleted Scene!

By Kevin McCarthy Jul 08, 2015 4:32 PMTags
Watch: "Botched" Patient Does What With Her Old Implants?!

After weeks of ducking her talent agents, Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst is finally coming clean about removing her breast implants. Problem solved, right? Wrong!

In this deleted scene from the latest episode of Botched, we learn how a profound physical change can impact an actress' career.

"People have no idea that I even had my boobs removed because I still have my old implants," Heather explains. "And I put them in my bra."

But that tactic will not going to fly at an audition. See how her agents Kylie and Nicole react to her admission!

After some initial awkwardness, Heather reveals that the crack team of Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif have agreed to help get her career back on track.

With a little help from the Botched crew, the former Sherman Oaks star wins over her representation in the encouraging clip above!

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