Taylor Swift Knows Exactly How Many Seconds a Jonas Brother Breakup Takes

Singer reveals all kinds of details about her Joe Jonas split as her album release date approaches

By Jennifer Cady Nov 05, 2008 10:41 PMTags
Joe Jonas, Taylor SwiftDimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images, Jerome Ware/ZUMPress.com

Taylor Swift is dragging out all her Joe Jonas baggage this week. The pair, who were never officially dating until Taylor recently confirmed the split, broke up last month over the phone. “Yeah, it’s not fun—it was a 27-second phone call, yeah!” the ringleted country singer tells E! News.

And we’re not the only ones she’s complaining to. In a MySpace video she points to one of those creepy Joe Jonas dolls and says, “See, this one even comes with a phone so he can break up with other dolls,” and completes that with her best “Oh, snap!” face.

But failed relationships are all about learning and growing or whatever, and both parties did some of that...

Taylor told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM show Wednesday morning that she learned not to date people who are “not allowed to go out in public with me” or guys who "don't think my sense of humor is funny." Aww, that makes us think his 27-second phone went something like this: "I'm breaking up with you. You're not funny. All those times I laughed, I faked it. All. Of. Them. Oh, and I hated it that one time you danced in the fake rain. Peace!"

As for Joe, we’re guessing he must have learned not to break up with girls who have new albums to promote.

And being an ex-JoBro groupie isn't all Taylor's got going for her—she also has a song about Joe! "I did a last-minute recording session, so there’s a track on the record about it. It’s called ‘Forever & Always,’ " she further revealed to Ryan.

So we have that to look forward to next week in addition to another five days of public Joe Jonas flogging. And yeah, we're kinda enjoying it—he deserves it for that a-hole move.