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By Kristin Dos Santos Jul 07, 2015 4:28 PMTags
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Gird your loins, TV fans! We are just two short days away from the start of San Diego Comic-Con where we'll be talking to all your TV favorites! Or, most of them anyway. In the meantime,we have a round up of exclusive scoop on some of those shows, to tide you over. 

Rebecca: I'll take anything you've got on The Flash!
Prepare to meet a new woman who shares a past with…Joe! Olivia is an old friend of Joe's who will come back into his life and though she appears strong and confident, she has a seriously troubled past. Something tells us Iris might not be too thrilled about her reappearance…


Meghan: In desperate need of any info on Empire's new season!
Not like we thought you'd miss the season two premiere any way, but how about these tease to sweeten the deal: we'll be seeing a drag KING version of one of the characters that is NOT to be missed. 

Ginny: So excited for Outlander panel at Comic-Con! I'm hoping to make it in. Will we get any new footage?
Fingers crossed, you will have at least one video treat--but I can't spill yet exactly of what nature! The panel should be a blast, and have a few surprises. So nab your seat early! I'm moderating Outlander and The Last Man on Earth, and really excited about both. 

Maddie: How about some scoop on my queen aka Lydia on Teen Wolf?!
You know how Jeff Davis warned that Lydia might be in the most danger of all this season? Well, it seems like she might be putting herself in harm's way thanks to her desire to learn more about her Banshee ways.  "What Lydia realizes this season is that she is not quite the fighter that her friends are and she gets tired of it," David says. "She wants to learn how to fight and how to protect herself and that leads her to path where she wants to master her power and learn new powers as well. She's going to learn different skills from different sources."

Jessica Miglio/FOX

Andy: I'll take whatever you've got on Gotham, please!
Who's ready for some new blood to hit the streets of Gotham? Fox's comic book drama is currently casting the recurring role of Scarlett St. George, an "ethereal looking, opinionated, beguiling, and free spirited" woman described as "full of charm and personality." Sounds like she's going to catch the eye of someone on Gotham PD…but the real question is, who?

Emily: Got any good Nashville scoop to share?
Get ready for two new faces to have a major impact on all our favorite southern crooners' lives next season! The ABC drama is currently casting the role of Markus Kane, a charismatic front man for a globally successful rock band that breaks up for creative differences. When every major label wants Markus to take his solo act to them, he ends up signing with Rayna Jaymes to expand into country music. But as he and Rayna begin working together, Markus's "soulful artist side fully emerges"…as well as his demanding, controlling, narcissistic side. Refusing to respect boundaries, Markus relishes in testing Rayna's limits while they write, record, and release his first solo album. Nashville is also casting the role of Gabriella Manning, an attractive, bright, ambitious, high-priced media consultant with a mile-long client list of politicians and celebrities, "who rises to the challenge when Luke Wheeler hires her to advise him about how to handle his recording artist Will Lexington after he publicly came out as gay. But no matter how much she and Luke want to live in a world where Will's sexuality doesn't matter to country music fans, unfortunately that might just be wishful thinking.

David Giesbrecht for Netflix

Julie: Neve Campbell on House of Cards! Any more scoop?
They're keeping things tight on her character, but we will also meet an "eccentric" and "super mart" dude, Alan McClinton, this season. Hmm…

Dani: Hoping for some scoop on Reign if you have any to spare.
One of the ladies will be getting a new love interest, and we think some fans might not be too happy to find out who it is: Greer! Looks like Leith better watch out as an English nobleman will be making a move on our brothel owner.


Ally: So happy Lifetime renewed UnREAL. I can't get enough! But will everyone on the production team be back?!
Funny, we had the same exact question! Great minds, right "I feel right now ike we'repretty committed to the members of that production team," creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro tells us. "We like them a lot. We're pretty invested and I think they're probably coming back, but there might be some serious rifts between some of them."

Jess: I saw Jane Fonda's blog post about getting ready for more Grace and Frankie and I am stoked! My mom and I love this show. Got anything I can tell her to make her day?
Get your mom ready because there's going to be a little bit of a health scare for one of the four main characters.

Joni: Loved your Getting On scoop—have any more?
Please continue to share your love of us and Getting On! We'll meet Patsy's mom, Gloria, this season. She drops by and still thinks Patsy and Dawn are still an item. So you know, awkward.

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