Keep Movin'! Get Toned During Week 2 of Our Month-Long July Fitness Challenge

Let's get this workout started!

By Jennifer Cooper, Lindsey Sirera Jul 06, 2015 4:01 PMTags
Fitness Challenge Week 3 - Knee to ChestJennifer Cooper

Congrats, guys—week one is complete!

For the next seven days,  celebrity trainer Hino Ehikhamenor—better known as "Hollywood Hino"—is back to kick our summer fitness plans into high gear. And this week, it's time to give our upper bodies a break and focus on core strength and leg workouts. Plus, there's a heart-healthy dose of cardio in there as well.

Remember, these workouts are designed to tone and build lean muscle (woohoo!), so they're not going to be easy. But they're doable, and with ample rest days and no gym equipment necessary, anyone can take part. Trust us, we know—we're taking the fitness challenge right along with you!

Ready? Check out this week's workout schedule now. 

July 7: Lower body strength
Featured Move: Single leg deadlifts
While standing on one leg, lean forward to touch your toe, maintaining a flat back and keeping your leg outstretched. This move challenges the core as well as the quads and hamstrings, while lifting the glutes. Perform 15 reps on one leg, then switch.

Workout circuit:
25 jumping jacks
15 walking lunges
15 reverse lunges
15 single deadlifts
15 cross back lunges
15 sumo squats
15 calf raises
For added benefit, add a set of five to ten pound dumbbells or an eight to twelve pound medicine ball as you perform each move.

July 8: Rest day
Good habits are built through consistency, not fatigue. Take a day here to let your leg muscles recover, before we jump back into the program. Hino recommends stretching or use of a foam roller to renew and refresh.

July 9: Core
Featured Move: Reverse crunches
Perform this ab exercise while lying on your back, feet four to six inches off the ground. It's important to never let your feet touch the ground between reps. Feet together, raise them straight up to where your soles face the sky, then lift your hips off the ground, lower your hips, then lower your legs back toward the ground in a controlled fashion, feet never touching the group. Then repeat for 25 total reps. If needed, place your hands under your lower back for support, or you may keep your palms flat on the ground.

Workout circuit:
100 abs
15 second plank
25 reverse crunches
15 second plank
25 second superman pose
15 second plank
For best results, repeat the circuit only once. 

July 10: Cardio
Featured Move: Straight leg kicks
Work on your cardiovascular endurance and flexibility with this simple yet effective move. Extend your legs out straight in front of you, arms outstretched, and try to kick your toes to your palms. Alternate legs, each set counts as one rep. For an added bonus, try to repeat each set faster than the previous circuit.

Workout circuit:
15 straight leg kicks
25 seconds of jogging in place
25 split jumps
25 lateral hops in place
30 second plank
For best results, repeat circuit three to four times. 

July 11 & 12: Rest days
Use Saturday and Sunday for active recovery. Do something you enjoy, like taking a yoga or spin class. Stretching is also highly recommended to prepare your body for the next week.