There's a New Documentary About the Plus-Size Model Revolution—Watch the Straight/Curve Teaser Trailer!

Straight/Curve explores the new push for body diversity in modeling

By Nicole Adlman Jul 01, 2015 5:00 PMTags

"This is the time for the plus-size movement."

That's Sabina Karlsson, a stunning, Swedish-born plus-size model who is one of the many faces of the new documentary Straight/Curve, a film which explores the push for body diversity in the modern fashion and beauty industry.

Produced by Jessica Lewis—a former model herself, Straight/Curve comes on the heels of a pivotal moment in mainstream modeling. Robyn Lawley made headlines for being the first "plus" size model to be featured in a Sports Illustrated editorial (Lawley later clarified that she considers herself to be an in-between size), while Ashley Graham—a size 16 beauty—graced the mag's pages in a swimsuit ad.

Victoria's Secret

With the momentum of the movement growing, large retail brands have come under fire for not promoting a more inclusive representation of body types, including Calvin Klein (who faced some, well, misdirected heat after choosing in-between size model Myla Dalbesio to star in the "Perfectly Fit" underwear campaign), Target (who didn't offer plus-size pieces from the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration in stores) and Victoria's Secret (whose "Perfect Body" campaign was met with such ire that the tagline was changed).

Straight/Curve is set to be released next summer and, really, we can't wait. It's time to talk about body diversity, and to put these conversations into action.