ESC, Bobby Pins You're Doing it Wrong

Bobby pins—pretty self-explanatory right? You slide one into your hair and call it a day…until a few hours later when your strands are falling out and you're cursing the beauty gods that be.

Believe it or not, many people are using the pin incorrectly, according to celeb hairstylists Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri. The wavy or bumpy side should face down or closer to the scalp. This technique isn't exactly rocket science, but properly utilizing those ridges—which are designed to compress and hold hair in place—could mean the difference between hour-long and all-day wear.

Rihanna, History of Breasts


If you're endowed with super-smooth strands that just can't seem to hold in place, you can also try applying texturizing spray on and between the pin for added grip.

Of course, if you're a style rebel like Rihanna and want to use bobby pins as statement accessories rather than a tool to secure your latest hair style, who are we to say you're doing it wrong? Then again, she just might've not known.

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