Jimmy Kimmel, Kids on Gay Marriage


Now that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of gay marriage, Jimmy Kimmel explained that one of the arguments people who are against it have is that they don't know how to explain it to their kids.

Understanding that side of the argument and calling it a "fair" question, Kimmel decided to figure out what exactly kids these days are thinking about gay marriage, or if they even get what's going on. So, he had one of the people on his team go out and ask random kids what they think about marriage in general, gay marriage and even their thoughts on marriage for themselves.

The interviewer asked one little boy why two people would get married, and not only gave an adorable response, he also happened to be fairly eloquent!

"Because they love each other, and they just feel a connection I believe," he answered.

But not every child can be so well informed! When a little girl was asked "what makes people gay," she responded, "I got a broken leg!"

Another little boy was asked when he believed two people should get married and he answered, "In the afternoon." Anyone else having flashbacks to Miss Congeniality when the contestant gets asked about her idea of a perfect date?! (If you need reminding, click here).

But one little girl who clearly explained what gay marriage is also added that not everyone her age might understand. Wise beyond her years, the girl admitted she wants to get married "when I'm 30."

The interviewer asked yet another boy why someone would want to get married, and he gave an answer that was far too real. "Because they're pregnant," he replied.

Yikes! Where do these comments even come from LOL?! Even goofier was when a little boy said that gay marriage was between two men, but women practice "lesbianism." But that same boy had some questionable insights into marriage himself. Explaining to the interviewer for Jimmy Kimmel Live! why he doesn't want to get married, he said, "When you get married the other person is entitled to any money the other person has."


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