Teen Wolf Trailer Season 5


Scared? Confused? Slightly aroused? 

Those are all the tell-tale signs that summer has truly begun, now that Teen Wolf is finally back in our lives. 

After a not-so-happy opening in which Lydia (Holland Roden) was attempting to escape from Eichen House, only to be subdued by a hallucination of Aiden (Max Carver), tonight's premiere was filled with glorious reunion kisses, serious injuries, total confusion, bleeding walls, and moments that pulled at our heartstrings as Scott's (Tyler Posey) pack members prepared for their senior year of high school, which will prove to be their most challenging season ever, according to boss Jeff Davis. But before we get to the scoop, let's quickly rundown what happened in the MTV hit's crazy premiere!

Teen Wolf Trailer Season 5


At first, it was all typical teenage to-do—for the most part. Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) rescued Malia (Shelley Hennig) from hanging out and lifting trees with her dad, and Scott rescued Kira (Arden Cho) from a traffc jam on his motorcycle. There was lots of kissing, both in the rain and in front of Malia's dad, along with some reminiscing and some fears on Stiles' part that these friends won't remain friends after high school is over. 

Oh, and there was also a crazy, gigantic long-clawed wolf-man who's decided to go after Scott in an effort to steal his true alpha powers. The sheriff kindly reminded us that it's impossible to steal a true alpha's powers, but apparently this particular wolf man is above the laws of supernature. 

In other news, the gang made a new/old friend named Theo (Pretty Little LiarsCody Christian) and then joined in on what appears to be a senior tradition of writing their initials on a shelf, and they rudely didn't show us Stiles' initials to prevent us from even knowing the first letter of his first name. So that's a mystery to be solved another day, if ever. (Though Davis did offer up one juicy tease about his first name: "it's a name that sounds like a word that describes Stiles." Color us intrigued!)

Teen Wolf, Crystal Reed


As for showing both Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Alison's (Crystal Reed) initals in the scene, causing our eyes to rain, Davis explains it was "important to both acknowledge the characters we created here, that are no longer on the show, but also to acknowledge the actors who played them. I love the fact that we get to make a mention of them in this episode and pay homage to them."

So will we see Derek return this season? "I can say he's not back in Part A, the first 10 episodes, but we're absolutely leaving the door open for Part B," Davis says. Hey, we'll take what we can get!

After a quick detour to pay our respects to the characters we've said goodbye to along the way, we revisited the episode's opening, with Lydia in Eichen House being prompted (with the help of a dude with a skull drill) to remember what happened to all of her friends. Apparently, they all died, and this is going to be yet another deeply upsetting summer.

Teen Wolf Trailer Season 5


So which character is most in danger, according to Davis? "I think fans should be worried about everyone. Fans should be worried about the pack and whether or not they can survive this season," he says, before zoning in our resident Banshee Lydia.  

"I would be worried about Lydia, definitely. She ends up in a very bad place by the end of the season," he warns. "What Lydia realizes this season is that she's not quite the fighter that her friends are and she gets tired of it and she wants to learn how to fight and protect herself, and that leads her to a path whether she wants to master her power and learn new powers as well. She's going to learn it from different sources, different skills from different sources."

But don't worry, she may have some time for a blossoming romance with Deputy Parrish....who is definitely something supernatural. 

"They will definitely flirting and skirting on the edges of romance," Davis teases. "But whether it comes to fruition is another question."

Teen Wolf's next episode airs tomorrow night at 9 p.m. on MTV before the premiere of Scream at 10 p.m. 

What did you think of the premiere? Head to the comments to weigh in!

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