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Justin Timberlake isn't the only one in the family with serious musical talent—his younger brother's got it, too!

Jonathan Timberlake, 22, is making his debut as a producer with a new artist named LIV. Their first single, "Poison in the Blood," comes out Friday, but young J.T. (who, along with Stephen Timberlake, is actually 34-year-old Justin's half-sibling) posted teaser clips of the behind-the-scenes process to Instagram and YouTube.

Unlike Justin, Jonathan didn't come up through the Mickey Mouse Club, and (to our knowledge), he hasn't been in a famous boy band, either. So how'd he get here? Well, according to his Instagram, the Belmont University alum met LIV (real name: Liv Miraldi) "in a music history class my sophomore year in college," and "for quite some time now," they've been "working on a music project (in secret, for the most part)..."

I forgot to do #tbt! So, this is me making up for that... #Bros

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"Little did I know in meeting this girl that I'd be meeting the person that I'd embark on such a crazy, creative journey with," Jonathan mused. "But I'll save that whole story for later. Now, I'd like to get back to what I haven't been telling all of you..."

"We have released anything," he continued. "We haven't said much to anyone. We've simply wanted to focus on making the music we want to hear. We've wanted to make music that truly means something to us, as well as our generation and the world we live in."

"So, we worked," he wrote. "And we worked. And then, we worked some more...Now? It's time for you to hear and see the first of what we've done."

We're ready, J.T.! LIV's first single "Poison in the Blood," produced by Jonathan, is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

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