Oops, Emilia Clarke Is Gonna Get in "So Much Trouble" for Talking About Jon Snow's Fate on Game of Thrones!

Exclusive: The Terminator:Genisys star clarifies her "50/50 chance" remarks about the fan-favorite's fate on the HBO hit series and dishes on riding dragons

By Tierney Bricker Jun 29, 2015 8:30 PMTags
Watch: Emilia Clarke Is "Hopeful" Jon Snow Is Alive

"I'm going to get in so much trouble!"

Who would dare try and reprimand our Khaleesi aka Emilia Clarke? Well, her bosses at Game of Thrones! But why would the Mother of Dragons be getting in trouble with Westeros' powers that be?

While promoting her highly anticipated new flick Terminator: Genisys, Clarke kind of told MTV News that she thinks that there's a "50/50 chance" that (Spoiler Alert!) Jon Snow (Kit Harington) really isn't dead, despite that super-upsetting final scene in the season five finale, as well as confirmation via interviews with Kit Harington and the showrunners.

But when chatting with E! News, Clarke is clarifying that she doesn't know if Jon is dead or not, but,  "what I'm trying to say is I'm hopeful!"

Like so many GOT fans, Clarke is holding out hope that Jon Snow will somehow come back to life. (So many theories, so little time.)

"Everyone I've spoken to is like, ‘I don't believe that he's dead,'" she explains. "And I'm like, oh, interesting. I would also like to believe that because I think it's wicked and shouted at them already for already killing him!" 

Sadly, Clarke does kind of admit defeat, saying, "I mean, technically he is dead, but..." What comes after that but? You have to press play on the video above to find out!


Aside from dishing on Jon Snow's fate, Clarke was quick to admit how much she loved another part of the epic season five finale: finally getting to see herself ride a dragon!

"It was cool. It was really cool," Clarke gushes. "I loved it. I must admit, it was brilliant!" That it was, Khaleesi. That. It. Was.

 To hear more GOT scoop from Clarke, press play on her interview with E! NewsWill Marfuggi above!