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By Kristin Dos Santos Jun 30, 2015 6:19 PMTags
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Summer reruns got you down? All that fresh air and sunshine slowly killing your TV-loving insides? Us too! And we have just the fix: Some spoilers on your favorite shows. Shut all the windows and blinds and read on for TV fan bliss...

Kayla: Got any Pretty Little Liars scoop?
Hey, it is PLL Tuesday, right?! Prepare to meet not one, not two new hotties later this season, possibly after the five-year time-jump! Jordan is a handsome and sophisticated guy working in the fashion industry, while the sweet, doting and handsome Liam is an editorial assistant at a magazine. The theme? Handsome!


Tye: Ah, the Teen Wolf premiere was so good. But I need more! Tell me what's coming up!
Prepare to see a familiar face…but in a completely new and disturbing way. When discussing the new season's big bads, Holland Roden teases, "There's one particular prosthetic that they use this season that is on somebody's face and it's not really that monstrous; it's just more eerie." So who is it? Tyler Posey wouldn't say who, but spills, "This character has been on the show before, but we won't say who! He's making a comeback." At least we know it's a guy!

Shannon: OK, not loving the new guy Theo on Teen Wolf because I love Stiles and Scott's bromance! Please tell me they will be OK!
Sorry, but we mustn't tell lies as Jeff Davis tells us that senior year will really test their friendship, seeing if it "can bend without breaking, but it might just break." And Theo's introduction will be just one of a few factors that will be testing Scott and Stiles' friendship. Prayer circles might be in order, people!

Chase: More The X-Files scoop! Give me more!
Forget Mulder and Scully (just kidding, we could never), it's time to meet Einstein and Miller. The X-Files will introduce two new, young FBI agents who are pretty similar to Mulder and Scully back in the day. They could become recurring fixtures. Maybe.

Watch: Adam Rodriguez Teases "Empire" Role

Gabriella: I need some Empire treats please!
How does some Cookie scoop to satisfy your cravings sound? Good, right? Well, it's about to get even better because we've got the hotness that is Adam Rodriguez dishing all about his new character, Cookie's new love interest, in the video above. Sounds like things will be getting pretty serious between the two of them very quickly!

Michelle: My life is way more boring without new episodes of Agent Carter. Any scoop?
In Peggy Carter we trust! How about this scoop? We'll meet Wendy Fallon, a Hollywood starlet who is way more intelligent than she lets on. She's married to a rich CEO and is at ease in his world. Another new character we'll meet when Agent Carter heads west is Dr. Henry, a "charming oddball" who is quite scientific, but doesn't take himself too seriously.


Blake: Thank you for bringing Lifetime's UnREAL into my life. It's my new obsession! I want to know if we will see more flashbacks of Rachel before this season is dunzo?
Eh, don't expect any flashbacks, but, "we learn a ton more about her," creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro teases. Oh, and you can also expect to learn a lot more about another character. "We do see a little bit of Quinn's backstory coming up," she previews. Hey, we'll take what we can get. 

Veronica: Kind of bummed Reign won't be at Comic-Con this year! Maybe a spoiler about next season will cheer me up?
Beware, there be pirates ahead. No, really! Reign is currently casting the role of a sexy and erotic pirate named Martin, who will shake things up at French Court in a big way next season. His preferred bounty? Highborn ladies, though he claims he's looking for a bride. Remember, you never can trust a pirate.

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