SCOTUS gay marriage ruling celebration

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The Internet loves to celebrate anything. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's baby? Yep. The Taco emoji finally becoming a reality? Obviously. The mere existence of Taylor Swift and Beyoncé? Hell, yeah.

But there has never been a celebration more colorful, hilarious, heartwarming and unanimous than the party had on social media when the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage was now legal in all 50 states. Everyone was so excited to honor President Barack Obama, Queen Ruth Bader Ginsburg and basically any person who agreed that everyone should have this basic human right of marrying the person you love most in this world.

Look, the Internet can be a terrible place. People are mean, uninformed and mix up "your" and "you're." But for just one day, the Internet was a beautiful, accepting, rainbow-colored celebration of love. So press play below and check out some of the best memes, Vines, GIFs and everything else that celebrated our nation finally getting on the right side of history with marriage equality:  

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I'll save you the trouble of reading Scalia's dissent. #scotus #marriageequality #lovewins

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RBG brought pins.

Posted by John Byrne on Friday, June 26, 2015

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