Big Brother


It's official: this season of Big Brother is going to be a lot of fun. 

The first Big Brother takeover of the season happened tonight, and it was brought on by none other than Phil Keoghan of  The Amazing Race, which is another CBS reality show we wouldn't say no to competing on. 

As Julie Chen explained in last night's premiere, each week, a new twist will take over the house in what's being called the Big Brother takeover, and the takeover's very first installment involved adding two familiar faces to the house. 

Phil revealed to the houseguests that Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra, two contestants from The Amazing Race's blind date season, would be taking the final two spots at the Big Brother table. 

The fact that the two of them may already be aligned with one another didn't go over anyone's heads, however, and a few other contestants already seem to be plotting to evict them. 

Other than one hilarious and disgusting UFO-themed head of household competition, most of the episode was about the the houseguests getting to know each other.

After her successful announcement in last night's premiere when there were only seven people in the house, Audrey explained that she is transgendered once again, and this time, the announcement resulted in cheers. It was truly beautiful, and perhaps yet another sign that this is going to be a great season. 

As for Jeff and Jackie, we'll see how long they last. Perhaps they can make it even further than their seventh place finish in the last season of The Amazing Race, but it doesn't seem all that likely unless they've got a great strategy. 

Tune into CBS on Sunday at 8 p.m. to find out the result of the first Battle of the Block! 

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