Sweet Valley High Reboot In the Works!

Real life twins and series co-stars Britney and Cynthia Daniel give us the exclusive scoop

By Marc Malkin Jun 25, 2015 1:28 PMTags
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Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are coming back.

At least they hope to.

I can exclusively reveal that Brittany and Cynthia Daniel are developing a reboot of Sweet Valley High, their 1990s television series based on Francine Pascal's book franchise of the same name.

"There is some talk right now," Brittany told me last night at the premiere of Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, a sequel to David Spade's 2001 mullet classic, Joe Dirt. "We're actually going to have some conversations with Francine."

The twin sisters, now 39, starred as the Wakefield girls on the show, which ran for four seasons between 1994 and 1997.

"That series means so much to my sister and I and we want to bring that to our kids and the next generation," Brittany said. "So it's only natural for us to want to bring it back."

Watch: Brittany and Cynthia Daniel Spill on "Sweet Valley" Reboot

The series was syndicated mostly on Fox stations for the first three seasons. The fourth season landed at the now defunct UPN.

Brittany continued acting after the series ended. She's appeared in movies like the first Joe Dirt and White Chicks. Her TV career has included Dawson's Creek, That '80s Show, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and most recently, The Game.

She revealed in March 2014 she had stage IV non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, but is now cancer-free.

Cynthia left the business in1995 after an appearance in The Basketball Diaries. She returned for a one-episode gig on That '80s Show in 2002.

"[Sweet Valley High] seems like a lifetime ago," Cynthia said. "For me, personally, because I'm not in the business so much anymore, I'm shocked that people still remember it. It's amazing how many people still come up to us about it."

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser begins streaming on Crackle July 16.