Most Entertaining Campaign Moments: Our Top 9

Most Entertaining Campaign Moments: Our Top 9

By James Diers Nov 04, 2008 4:02 PMTags
Tina Fey, John McCain, David Letterman, Sarah SilvermanDana Edelson/NBC; CBS PHOTO BY JOHN PAUL FILO

Do you even remember what television looked like before the Barack Obama-John McCain showdown? Neither do we. Thank heaven for Election Day and the conclusion of the longest-running media rivalry since Aniston vs. Jolie. (Maybe now Tim Gunn can reclaim his post as TV's most savvy and ubiquitous advocate for change?)

To celebrate, let's pause and reflect on the most entertaining media displays of this please-oh-please-let-it-finally-be-over campaign season. We voted for nine, and left the No. 10 spot open for your write-in:

1. Sarah Palin meets Katie Couric: What's the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? The pit bull can probably remember which newspaper it's fetching. Painful and fun!

2. McCain pisses off Letterman: After Dave's ruthless late-night lambasting of the Republican no-show, CBS employees may never take a sick day again.

3. Tina Fey’s take on the VP debate: Fey’s wink-filled Sarah Palin impression hit a hilarious apex, bolstered by Queen Latifah as Gwen Ifill—an instant SNL classic.

4. Hillary Clinton hits the hard stuff: Nothing says "I remain committed to universal health care" like doing an on-camera whiskey shot at a place called Bronko's in northwest Indiana.

5. The View ladies gang up on John McCain: Joy Behar and Barbara Walters delivered the season's toughest interview—and even Elisabeth Hasselbeck threw a few punches. What is this, Letterman?

6. Joe the Plumber's hazy 15 minutes: All politics aside, this wannabe middle-class icon wouldn't last a week on Survivor: Toledo.

7. The Alfred E. Smith dinner: John and Barack both bring the funny in formalwear. For 2012, can we skip the debates and just do three of these things?

8. Heidi Montag endorses McCain: She goes GOP and grabs headlines, but the real shocker: McCain admits, "I never miss an episode of The Hills."

9. What'll Jeremiah Wright say next? As if McCain sweating why Audrina moved out wasn't uncomfortable enough, this Chicago preacher became TV's biggest breakout star.

10. [YOUR PICK HERE]: What did we forget? Triumph the Insult Comic Dog killing it at the RNC? Bill Clinton losing his cool? That crazy McCain rally lady? Sarah Silverman's Great Schlep? Fred Thompson's entire campaign? Name your favorite moment of this epic political circus!