If you want to see Joe Manganiello's stripper moves on the big screen, there's one thing you've got to have.

Yes, you better get some classic tunes from the Backstreet Boys on full blast.

"I own it. I'm a big fan of five-part harmony groups—not boy bands mind you," Manganiello told E! News before the official release of Magic Mike XXL. "The story that you're telling is a bad dancer becoming better via his love for the Backstreet Boys."

He continued, "That was for me actually!" Who knew Sofia Vergara's main man was such a fan of Nick Carter and the crew?!

Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello

Jonathan Liebson, Getty for Samsung

When not professing his love for boy bands, Manganiello will find himself in one wedding scene that got us thinking about Vergara's upcoming bachelorette party. So, would the Modern Family star ever have her man as the party's official stripper?

"There better not be another guy," Manganiello explained. "If you're marrying Big Dick Ritchie, you better be the stripper!"

He continued, "I'll forego the bachelor party if she forgoes the bachelorette party, having spent so much time in the stripper community." LOL!

While the highly anticipated movie doesn't hit theatres until July 1, the cast is ready to reveal if their partners have seen their hard work (and killer moves) on the big screen already.

Channing Tatum revealed his wife Jenna Dewan has seen and approved of the film. Meanwhile, Jada Pinkett Smith is still waiting for Will Smith to witness the finished project.

"Oh, he'll see it with me. Let me tell you," she told Maria Menounos. "If you think I'm going to miss that little treat, no indeed. There will be our moment."

What kind of treat could she possibly be talking about?

"I've had very comedic interesting Magic Mike moments with Mr. Will," Jada teased. "He takes a comedic route. He's good. He does a good job."

As for Manganiello, his leading lady Vergara has seen the film. In fact, she was also able to live it by watching some scenes on-set.

When asked if he she was cool with his sexy routines, Manganiello gushed that his future wife is "very protective, which is so cute. I'm the same way with her. We understand each other. " 

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