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By Kristin Dos Santos Jun 23, 2015 7:39 PMTags
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It's officially summer, y'all! While you guys have been making treks to the beach and whatever it is you people do when you're not obsessing about TV, we've been gathering the latest and greatest scoop for your Spoiler Chat needs. We've got it all this week, from major The X-Files deets to Teen Wolf revelations and new faces on Arrow.

The beach can wait, it's Spoiler Chat time.

Becca: Two Teen Wolf questions here! 1. Was that Aiden or Ethan in the sneak peek you posted?! 2. I need all the scoop on Parrish!
1. Jeff Davis confirms it was Aiden, played by Max Carver. 2. Prepare to learn a lot more about Deputy Parrish, including what the hell he is! "will definitely discover a lot more about Parrish in the first half of the season," Davis says. "You might have to wait to know exactly what he is. But you will!

AdamWiraszka: Anything PLL!
Sorry Dr. Sullivan, but it looks like your prettiest patients may be taking their business elsewhere as we've learned the ABC Family hit will be introducing a new psychologist, the handsome Dr. Rollins, and he'll be sticking around for a little bit.

Andy: I need some scoop on Arrow to get me through this long summer. Help a fellow fan out?
The CW comic book show is getting some star power next season! Arrow is currently looking to cast a big name for the guest-starring role of Patty, a mayoral candidate who is deeply committed to her city and willing to risk her life to stand up for the people. Described as a female in her 50s-early 60s, Patty is a peer and an old friend of the late Moira Queen, and was once close with Oliver and Thea. She is also a mother, and cares for her daughter above all else…any guesses as to who that daughter is?


Miguel: I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Mulder and Scully are coming back to TV. What can you tell me about the new X-Files series?
The truth is still out there! We've heard some big things are going on, especially with Joel McHale's character Tad O'Malley. He may start off as an ally for Mulder, but with the Cigarette Smoking Man out of the picture, there's room for a new nemesis…get the hint? Some other scoop you may be interested in: Rance Howard, that's Ron Howard's papa, just filmed a guest spot and Mulder and Scully will meet a were-monster of sorts in the third episode of the revived series.

Mark Schafer/SHOWTIME

Lily: I miss The Affair so much! Got any scoop on season two?
We'll finally get to learn a little more about Noah as the show will be introducing his sister, the hyper-fit and equally as attractive Nina.

Dee: Rain down on me with some Reign scoop, please and thanks!
Prepare to meet a whole new Court of players when the show returns as we'll be spending a lot of time in England with Queen Elizabeth. We'll be meeting her childhood friend and first love Robert, a nobleman who is married to Amy, who appears to be sweet and innocent, but is really anything but. She's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Elizabeth and her hubby never find happiness together, even seducing other men. Twisted new love triangle much?!

Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

Bryan: I need more Kimmy Schmidt in my life. What's happening with that?
Fear not! Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will be back, the writers are currently working on the second season. However, they haven't shared their plans with the cast just yet, aside from this nugget. "I've only heard—and I'm thrilled about this—that Carol Kane and I will be matched up much more in season two since our incredibly enjoyable (to film) road trip together," Jane Krakowski tells us. "I love Carol Kane and I never thought those two characters would meet. I am thrilled at the prospects of how these two characters will move forward together."

Ryan: Holy crap, that sex scene with Adam on UnREAL last night was actually insane. There's no way the show can top that, right?
Oh, sweet, naïve viewer. "Yes, there's another moment," creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro warns. "It's coming, you'll see it." While she wouldn't say who's in the scene, she did say it's in episode six. 

Diyah Pera/The CW

Maria: Got anything good on Chasing Life?
Pack your bags, because April is heading to camp! Specifically, a camp for kids with cancer. ABC Family's hit drama is currently looking to cast the role of Rashad, a 10-year-old African-American boy who makes a huge impact on April at this kid's camp later this season. Don't forget the bug spray!

Kelly: I love iZombie, but I love Ravi even more. Please tell me we're getting more of him next season?
Oh man, do we have some good news for you! "We love Ravi too," executive producer Rob Thomas says. "We wish we could have gotten to see more of Ravi and Peyton this season. The plan was to see more of that, but then the other stories expanded and pushed some of that out. One lesson we learned in season one is that the show is better when Ravi is in more of it. Something you'll see us doing is trying to find excuses for Ravi to get out of the morgue more. We had fun when we got him to help Liv investigate Clive, so he's not just going back and forth with her about the bodies in the morgue."

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