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Taylor Swift truly wins. Not only as an artist, but just for who she is, and for taking the time to let those around her know they are loved and how grateful she is to have them in her life.

After her shows, the 1989 singer gave handwritten thank you notes to radio hosts that attended her meet-and-greets—and even gushed to one about how great her new beau, Calvin Harris, is!

Spike, a co-host on Mojo in the Morning who was one of those lucky thank you note recipients, tells E! News, "I'm not lying when I say that Taylor makes every single person special!"

Tonight had me like:

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When meeting Swift, Spike brought along his daughters, Nicole, 11, and Natalie, 13, and Taylor even mentioned in her note to Spike to say hello to them later. Spike says Swift didn't just meet them, she even gave a mini guitar lesson to his younger daughter!

"Taylor chatted with my daughter Natalie about her Hunger Games T-shirt and then my younger daughter, Nicole, asked how Taylor writes songs because Nicole is taking guitar lessons," Spike recalled to us. "Taylor was very enthusiastic about giving advice and then actually wrote out some specific guitar chords for my daughter to try using when coming up with songs."

He said that, frankly, meeting Swift is unlike meeting other artists. "She invites them into her world with a fully catered backstage party room," he said. "Rhe kids loved the photo booth and candy bar."

Alex got a special piece of mail today...What was YOUR celebrity moment?

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Alex from 99.7 DJX in Louisville, Ky., also received a handwritten thank you note after meeting her favorite artist. She confessed to E! News, "I'm obsessed with Taylor. I don't know anyone that works in radio who freaks out like I do."

Alex even dressed in true Swiftie form when they met by recreating the singer's iconic look from the "Blank Space" music video. "I kept crying," she said, but luckily the tears subsided and the two chatted about everything from chicken nuggets to their recent radio promotion where they surprised fans with Swift tickets, to Calvin Harris.

When Alex told Swift that she and many other fans were happy for her and approve of her new guy, Swift responded, "Thank you so much," and, leaning in close, added, "He is great, isn't he?"

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Joel from 96.5 KISS FM also received a thank you note from Swift after meeting her in Cleveland. Joel tells E! News, "I had heard that she sends thank you notes to program directors and radio people, but had no idea I was even on her radar. Was really surprised that she took the time to not only send a handwritten note, but she also included a Taylor doodle in the card too. Nice touch!"

Joel even says there's a lot that other celebs can learn from Swift. The card shows that "she was brought up really, really well," he says. "There are artists far less popular than she that have never sent me a thank you note. Most artists will get to certain level of success and stop doing the backstage/meet-and-greet thing. The fact that she continues to great fans backstage plus sends out thank you cards? I think a lot of young artists can learn from her."

And for those who think these cards are fake or a new trend, Joel tells us, " Fact is, Taylor's been doing this since the 'Teardrops On My Guitar' days. It's pretty extraordinary!" Spike told E! News he also received one during Swift's Red Tour.

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Spike also mentioned that it's very rare to receive a note from an artist, let alone a handwritten one. "I can tell you that no other entertainer on the map has the grace and class that Taylor displays," he says.

He also said, "It speaks to her spirit and the way she was raised. Her mom has taught her well and continues to watch over the relationship Taylor has with her fans."

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