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If Saturday Night Live weren't on summer hiatus, you can bet Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost would have a field day regarding Time Warner Cable's customer service. The Harvard-educated comedian first tweeted about his issues at 9:52 p.m. ET Wednesday and continued to call out the company for hours.

Jost, 32, started with a few zingers:

Jost, a five-time Emmy nominee, even gave Netflix a shout-out:

The stand-up comic then made a few political references:

Jost, a Peabody Award winner, began retweeting followers who had experienced similar issues.

According to Jost, his issues with Time Warner Cable began long ago.

Finally, Time Warner Cable reached out to Jost via its @TWC_Help account. The comedian didn't let the company off the hook, though.

Time Warner Cable asked to speak with Jost privately, which didn't go over well.

Jost had actually written about his experiences with the company in the Apr. 4, 2011 issue of The New Yorker. In an essay titled "Explaining Your Time Warner Bill," he jokingly broke down some of the fees he had incurred during a one-month period, which included $3.45 for the "Singapore Nuclear Defense Fund," $4.75 for the "right to use that stylish e-mail address," $14.32 for the "landline you promised your parents you would keep as an 'emergency backup' and now you only use to order Thai food,"  $2.15 for "Piers Morgan's dental plan" and "$10.95 for "that time you stole your neighbor's Wi-Fi." The comic also joked that he received a $4.95 credit "for watching the film Old Dogs in its entirety."

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