Kit Harington Didn't Even Tell BFF Zach Braff About the Game of Thrones Finale

Plus, how did he end up hanging out with Ed Sheeran and Kit Harington? Watch!

By Chris Harnick Jun 18, 2015 2:44 PMTags
Watch: Zach Braff's "Game of Thrones" Finale Reaction

Zach Braff's new best friend, Kit Harington, kept his mouth shut about a big Game of Thrones twist. You know what we're talking about it.

Braff recently went to meet up with his pal Ed Sheeran and ended up hanging with the singer and the Game of Thrones star. "I cornered him at the bar," Braff told E! News' Ken Baker at E3 Wednesday, where he was promoting Destiny. "And we talked for a long time about all my questions. He didn't even tell me! He was a very, very good soldier for HBO. This was like a week before some...major things happened."

The "major things" that happened? Well, you probably already know if you clicked to read this story. BUT IF NOT, SPOILERS. Seriously, guys. Spoilers.

At the end of the season five finale, Jon Snow was stabbed by his fellow Watchmen. You cried. We cried. Zach Braff cried. While the book left his fate open-ended, Harington has gone on record about this status. "I've been told I'm dead," he told Entertainment Weekly. "I'm dead. I'm not coming back next season. So that's all I can tell you, really."


Click play on the video above to find out more about Braff's star-studded hangout and what he thought of the Game of Thrones finale.