Mindy Kaling appears on the cover of InStyle's June issue, and while she looks like herself, the Inside Out star wouldn't mind looking a tad bit more modelesque. "When I was on the cover of this magazine, I think people were excited because I don't look like a lot of women who tend to be on the covers of magazines," she said on The View Wednesday. The co-hosts guffawed at that notion, prompting Kaling to laugh and ask them, "What are you saying? I'm not a tall blond woman?"

"I think you look even better," Nicolle Wallace said. "I mean, that skin is flawless."

Adopting a valley girl accent, Whoopi Goldberg joked, "I totally did not know that."

"Thank you guys," Kaling said through giggles.

"A lot of times when you're not super skinny and you're on a cover of magazines and stuff like that, the idea is like, 'Oh, we'll just let her be...we're gonna get credit for letting her be really natural and real,'" Kaling explained. "But I'm like everyone else, whereas I'm like, 'You can Photoshop me as much as you want!'"

Raven-Symoné offered to give Kaling a tutorial after the show. "Oh, I know how to tuck and suck everything on Photoshop!" she promised The Mindy Project star.

Mindy Kaling, InStyle - 1pm

InStyle/Bjarne Jonasson

Kaling previously opened up about her love of fashion and beauty with InStyle. "I love to shop, which I think is considered a little cheesy in an actress. I like to go out and pick my own things," the TV writer-producer admitted. "I like to pay for things because then I know I don't have any obligations to people."

As far as hair and makeup are concerned, the 35-year-old actress said, "This might be TMI, but...between my eyebrows and my hair, and all over [my arms and my legs], I have, like, 10 strands of hair. I've never had any hair. My entire life with the show has consisted of ways to try and maximize these four strands of hair to make it look like I am from Tangled or something. Luckily, I have a lot of smart, good people whose entire job it is to try and make it look like I have more hair than I do."

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