Spoiler Chat: Pregnancy Rocks 90210 and Tree Hill

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By Kristin Dos Santos Nov 04, 2008 1:00 AMTags
Shenae Grimes, Dustin Milligan, 90210Michael Desmond/The CW

Look who's got babies on the brain!

Apparently, the producers of many of our favorite shows are crazy with the baby making this month, because I'm told that One Tree Hill, Friday Night Lights, Eli Stone, Brothers & Sisters and 90210 are all popping out pregnancies. Is there something in the water?

The 90210 one in particular will be quite the doozy of a storyline, believe you me.

Want the inside scoop on who's preggers and much more exclusive info on all your favorite shows that you can only hear right here? Click in now or lose it forever...

Linda in West Virginia: I love me some Major Hottie! Will he and Cristina hook up on Grey's?


G.A. is now casting "star names only" for a "former military nurse who is maternal." Might that be...the Major's mom? If so, here's to hoping things go better for Cristina with her than with Burke's badass mamacita Diahann Carroll. 'Cause I'm hearing Cristina most definitely has a "Major" romance coming on!

Max in Hendersonville, N.C.: I can't believe Holly and Michael split on The Office, I love Amy Ryan! Will she be back?
Well, she must be! Because sources tell me that Michael will tell everyone at Dunder Mifflin this week that he is engaged! The, um, sad news? That was the cruelest tease ever because I am totally misleading you, just as Michael is totally misleading his coworkers. He doesn't have the heart to tell everyone he broke up with Holly, so he lies and says a wedding is on the way. Shall we start our petition now to bring Amy Ryan back to the show? I looove her! And sadly, I'm hearing of no plans yet to bring her back this season. Hmph.

Brendan in Monterey, Calif.: Any scoop on Entourage?
Matt Dillon
told us that there has been talk of him coming on the show! Naturally, the assumption is that he would play the brother of Drama (his real-life brother, Kevin Dillon), though that would be tricky. Said Matt: "It has come up, but because the lead guy is his brother, it becomes a little bit of a problem. How do I come on as his brother when he already has a brother? Do some sort of prosthetics?" Maybe the fake chompers from There's Something About Mary? Matt added, "I threw it out there that it'd be fun to direct one."


Angelica: Any word on Pushing Daisies? Is it canceled?
Get those words right out of your mouth! No decision has come down yet, so pray to your Daisies shrines every night, will ya? I'm told the upcoming storylines are the bomb, including at least one long-awaited reunion of two characters that will make you weepy. (Note: I'm not talking about Chuck and her father.)

Hillary in San Diego: When do new episodes of Battlestar Galactica start?
Season 4.5 premieres Jan. 16. And if you haven't seen it yet, check out the trailer for the prequel Caprica, which I consider the methadone to the heroin of BSG.


Frank in New Mexico: How about some scoop on 90210?
Of course! I'm hearing that someone is pregnant on 90210, and it is someone who's already been having quite a rough time this season. Guesses?! I'm told this pregnancy storyline is indicative of a new direction for the show: to tackle issues that are relevant to both teens and adults today, the way the original series did. I'm also told the upcoming episodes are getting better.

NBC/Paul Drinkwater

Raleigh in Peru, Maine: I love The Office! What's coming down the pike?
The Office is looking for someone in their late 20s or early 30s to play a receptionist, which brings up the question: Where are Ryan and/or Pam?! Also, where exactly can a girl who's totally married and knocked up but who likes looking at a little harmless eye candy all day (ahem, Jim Halpert) go to apply?

Drew in Green Valley, Ariz: Please tell me the distance between Jim and Pam won't go on too long or cause any problems?! I want my Jam happy!
And this week they will be, thanks to constant Bluetooth contact all day long...What do you think: sweet or craptastic?

Sam in San Francisco: 30 Rock please!
Jack is going to drug Liz this week, and it will make her flight to jury duty a very interesting one, especially since she is sitting first class with Oprah! Check out the sneak peek if you haven't yet. Also, Tracy and Jenna's fight over Goregasm will come to a head, er, so to speak, this week. To prove a point, Tracy will dress up as a white woman, and Jenna as a black man. I smell high-larity! (Watch for their rendition of "Lean on Me" at the end of the episode.) Liz will seek Oprah's help in bringing the two back together. That Oprah, she makes miracles happen.

Fred Norris/The CW

Madison in Atlanta: Is it true that someone will be pregnant on One Tree Hill?
Yes, I'm hearing Peyton and Lucas will be expecting a child—but things won't go too smoothly. Thoughts?

Michaela in Long Beach, Calif.: Kristin, what's coming up on House?
Remember that hostage situation I told you about? It finally happens in the Nov. 25 episode, and Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) promises it won't disappoint. "It's interesting because basically the guy who takes them hostage is sort of pitting everyone against each other to get what he wants. He's trying to get treated. You kind of feel for him, but at the same time he's putting all of these people's lives in peril." Will everyone make it out safely? "I don't get killed," she assured me. "That's all I can tell you. I'm still alive." Perfect. Now can we just see more of you on the show?

ABC / Mario Perez

Daisy Duke: Lost me!
My sources told me the same thing our frenemy Michael Ausiello heard, that the first few episodes of the new season are called, "Because You Left," "The Lie," "Jughead," "The Little Prince," "The Place Is Death" and "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham." I find myself wondering who will play the role of Jughead and thinking that "The Little Prince" is pretty much about a marooned sailor. Hmmm...who could be sailing solo for a few episodes this season? (Hint: Not Tom Hanks, but someone I love even more.)

Jean in Chicago: Zach Roerig on Friday Night Lights is really hot! How long will he be on the show? Do he and Tyra have a future?
Possibly, possibly not, since a woman shows up on Tyra's (Adrianne Palicki) door this week carrying what she says is Cash's baby. Whoopsie! Did he forget to mention his baby-daddy status to Tyra? (Psst...hey, Landry, here's your chance to get her back!)

Karen in Corona, Calif.: Will we see some Matt and Julie action soon on Friday Night Lights?
Get ready to squee! This week, Mulie will share a smooch by the campfire. Hot! You'll also see a lot more of J.D. McCoy (Jeremy Sumpter) as he'll be hitting the field naked. I am not making this stuff up.

Antonio in Silverlake, Calif.: Can you please tell me something on Dexter or Chuck?
I'll take both for $500! Rita's ex-hubby and Dexter's skeleton in the closet Paul is back! OK, not quite, but Mark Pellegrino will be playing a Fulcrum villain on next week's episode of Chuck. It also happens to be the episode where we meet Jill (Jordana Brewster), Chuck's ex-flame, and I don't think Sarah is too happy about it. Sources tell me there will be a pillow fight between these two hot babes. Did you hear that there were some male writers on this show?

Hunter in Washington, D.C.: Anything good on Criminal Minds?
As Ed Bernero told us earlier this year, we'll get a look at one of Rossi's criminal psychology classes and meet some of his eager acolytes. Little do the kids know, however, that they have been infiltrated by a serial killer in student's clothing. Eeek.

Heather in Rhode Island: What's coming up on Ugly Betty this week?
Somebody will be making out with Jesse (Val Emmich), and it's not Betty! There will be more smooching behind people's backs when Marc cheats on Cliff, which (oddly) just might lead to a marriage proposal.

Eric in Richmond Hill, N.Y.: I'm sick of LiLo, what's up with the other kids on Ugly Betty?
Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) finds true love! She'll be locking lips with Connor Owens (Grant Bowler) this week.



Gemma in Reno, Nev.: Will my boyfriend Pete being taking charge of Oceanside Wellness on Private Practice?
I just talked to Tim Daly and asked that very Q. "No," he told me. "The thing about Pete is he's very unflappable. He really does just kind of see both sides of things unless he's taken by surprise—like he was by Addison, and by Meg to a certain extent. I think he believes that everything is going to be OK and he does his part." Check back Wednesday for more from Tim.

Martha in St. Paul, Minn.: I wish Jason O'Mara could use his real accent in Life on Mars. So hot! Will we see more of Sam's family soon?
In an upcoming episode, Sam will come face to face with daddy. Said O'Mara, "[Sam is] starting to discover things from his past, things about his family. He's starting to realize that there might be a reason for it being 1973 of all years."

Sophie: Oh. My. God. After last week's Greek episode, I have no idea how I'm going to last till the next year! Does Frannie really get away with starting her own house?
Yes she does! Sources on the set tell me the Iota Kappa Iota house is already in full swing. Because of the IKI (pronounced "icky," tee hee) house, Zeta Beta Zeta is going to be desperate for girls, and will even pair up with the Kappa Taus for a party. When it goes down, Cappie and Casey will get into a huge fight over the fact that a nongreek male is in attendence...Max! Yup, he'll be sticking around CRU.

Amber in Ashland, Ore.: Love, love, love Privileged! Can you share anything new?
We're going to meet Marco's "very handsome" boyfriend.

John in Addison, Texas: Will the Walkers meet Ryan soon on Brothers & Sisters?
Not quite, but since Kitty (Calista Flockhart) can't keep her big mouth shut, the rest of the family will meet Ryan's father, George, this week at Tommy and Julia's anniversary party. Look for Holly (Patricia Wettig) to ruin the close-to-family reunion though, but with the casting of Ryan, we all know he'll be popping up soon. I'm hearing episode 14.

Will Kitty be getting a baby on Brothers & Sisters? And was this storyline brought about because of Calista's real-life adoption?
Yes, she will be getting a baby, and the baby storyline actually came about because so many of the show's producers (a lot of them) are going through adoption experiences of their own right now. Cool, no?

Sabrina in New Bedford, Mass.: When is Medium coming back?
Soon! And Allison DuBois will have a new job this year, but her employer is not what he seems. Her billionaire boss tells her he needs a corporate prognosticator, but he's actually trying to find out what her dreams say about a dangerous person with whom he's very close...When the dangerous person finds out, Allison's in big trouble. Also, Ariel's doin' drugs. Ruh-roh.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Natalie Abrams and Megan Masters