James Corden


James Corden is on a mission. Is it impossible? Probably not. But he's campaigning like it is anyway.

The host of The Late Late Show is dying to be Grand Marshal at the 2016 L.A. Pride Festival, so he put his best campaigning foot forward over the weekend when he tried to gain supporters for his movement at this year's event. At first, he decided to approach people at random and ask for their votes. The first person he talked to, however, happened to be the executive producer of the festival.

When Corden asked Jeff Consoletti what it would take to become Grand Marshal, he responded, "I was catching a little vibe between us, which helps in the selection process."

"Are you saying that if I sleep with you I'll be made Grand Marshal next year?" Corden asked.

"I am not," Consoletti replied.

His answer prompted the late-night talk show host to ask the executive producer whether or not he is his type, which somehow resulted in Corden asking if he should be described as a "bear" or a "bear cub." Consoletti decided on bear cub for the British host, but told him he's about "10 pounds" away from full-grown bear status.

Although Corden was surprised by being dubbed a cub, he decided to launch a bear hunt to find other bears. After finding one, he and his new friend found another and joked that they're "bear magnets." Soon enough, they had a whole group of bears.

"You find one bear and you'll find all the bears," he noted. "We're like the worst boy band anyone has ever seen. We're like Wrong Direction."

With all of his bears in tow, Corden decided to play a game of Musical Bears. It's the exact same game as Musical Chairs, only with "bears," as you might assume LOL. One by one contestants were eliminated, until the last remained who was able to take home a Build-A-Bear.

Although he seemed to have temporarily forgotten about his mission, Corden resumed trying to find votes after leaving his bear by approaching even more people and ultimately taking the stage.

Watch the video above to see if Corden accomplishes his mission!

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