Donald Trump Slams Presidential Competition, Reveals His Plan to ''Bomb the Hell Out of'' ISIS

Business mogul made the political announcement yesterday morning in New York City

By Lily Harrison Jun 17, 2015 4:40 PMTags
Donald Trump, Good Morning AmericaABC/ Lou Rocco

Donald Trump wasted no time at all to get on the campaign trail.

The presidential hopeful stopped by Good Morning America to chat with George Stephanopoulos about how he'd tackle the big issues if he was in the Oval Office.

"I see what's going on with the hatred that everybody has for each other. You look at Baltimore, you look at Cleveland. You look at all of those places, just exploding. We have an African American president [and] we've never had it so bad," he explained.

"We're in a big bubble. We have a phony stock market. We have artificially induced interest rates that are low."

Trump also shared that he has a plan to end ISIS up his sleeve, but he won't reveal details for one reason: "I don't want ISIS to know."

"Somebody should call me from the administration…But I will tell you that ISIS has taken what I said we should take, the oil. And you knock out that oil. You just knock the hell out of the oil and you have to go in and take the oil, you kill them at the head. It's over. They took the oil."

He added, frankly, "I would bomb the hell out of them."

And when asked about his gut reactions to fellow Republican hopefuls, Trump didn't hold back one bit.

For one thing, he called Jeb Bush a flat-out "stiff."

"I watch him. I think he's somebody that doesn't want to do what he's doing."

As for Marco Rubio? "I think he's highly overrated. I think he's an overrated person."

Trump also didn't mince words when it came to the Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

"What she did is illegal. What she did is totally illegal. I don't know how she gets away with it," he said referring to her recent email controversy.

That Trump sure likes to speak his mind.