Britney Spears Pregnancy Parody

Facebook/Vintage Marquee Lights

Oh baby, baby!

Married couple Jarred and Machel Green are expecting their second child on November 15 and knew that they couldn't announce it the "normal" way, so they did it the only way they knew how—with a musical montage of Britney Spears songs!

The "huge Britney Spears" fans, who have an adorable 3-year-old son named Noah, produced one of the most spectacular pregnancy announcements that we have ever seen. Seriously, by the end of it, you'll be saying "Gimme More."

The 5-minute video focuses on the first five months of pregnancy with Machel singing original lyrics to the music of some of Brit-Brit's most popular hits—not to mention nailing some of the pop star's signature dance moves.

Britney Spears Pregnancy Parody

Facebook/Vintage Marquee Lights

Month one starts off to the tune of  "Oops! I Did It Again" cleverly titled "Pregnant Again," where Machel and Jarred find out that they are going to have another bundle of joy. 

The mom-to-be, dressed in a red turtleneck which is reminiscent of Brit's red latex catsuit, is spot on with her yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah's and sassy head bob! 

The second month is all about that morning sickness with Machel singing "Nauseous," a play off of the pop princess' hit "Toxic," and features the blond surrounded by her preggo cravings, hamburgers and fries.

The expectant mom shows us how hard it is to keep the big secret during her take on "Slave For You" in "Month Three: I'm A-Voiding You" where she dodges her friends at Target while singing lines such as "I don't want you to know about the bun in my oven" and "I'm a-voiding you. I've got a secret too soon to spill it."

Watch the video above to see the first three months and which Spears' songs they chose to reveal the sex and celebrate during months four and five.

"We are beyond ecstatic to welcome this little sweet pea into the world. We hope she's not too embarrassed by our shenanigans. Who are we kidding, she's probably not gonna wanna be seen with us in her teenage years!" Machel tells E! News.

"My hubby Jerrad and I hope our kids grown up and find that their parents worked really hard, followed their own paths, weren't afraid to go after their dreams, were kind to others, and always found time to 'play.' Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you can't still play."

If the duo have a little girl, we'd like to suggest the name Britney Jean. It has a nice ring to it! 

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