These Little Softball Players Look Adorably Tough in Frozen -Inspired Team Photo

Mom of the Oklahoma team's catcher tells E! News that the Freeze's skills aren't too hot, but the kids have a great time anyway

By Lindsey Caldwell Jun 17, 2015 1:54 AMTags
Freeze, Girls Softball TeamBetsy Gregory Photography

This is most likely the cutest thing you'll see all day.

When it came time for this Edmond, Okla., girls softball team to take their team photo, they decided to pay homage to their team name's inspiration—the smash-hit film Frozen—and dress up in Queen Elsa dresses.

The girls were going to go with something more literal with their team name and utilize Queen Elsa, but they ultimately decided on the Freeze, because it sounded more "tough."

Betsy Gregory Photography

Betsy Gregory, whose daughter Avery is the catcher on the team, took the team photo that has now gone viral. Gregory tells E! News, "I'm a mom first, and then a photographer."

Gregory has had her photography business for the past seven years, capturing everything from weddings, to seniors, to babies. The Elsa dresses are not a part of the team uniform, Gregory just thought it'd be a cute idea to commemorate the season.

Betsy Gregory Photography

The Freeze uniform for the 4- and 5-year-old players usually consists of a turquoise top with Freeze written in silver, and little turquoise socks. They even added a Queen Elsa hat complete with hair, although the girls don't play on the field in their hats.

Betsy Gregory Photography

The season is now over for Team Freeze, who played in the spring in the 6-and-under softball division. Gregory admits that they didn't exactly go undefeated (guess the Freeze's skills aren't too hot yet), but the girls had fun!

"We came in dead last," Gregory said. "The girls don't even know that. We were one of the younger teams, we just played for fun!"

Sounds as though they're good at, ahem, letting go.

Betsy Gregory Photography

Even though Gregory has been a photographer for seven years, she's never had something like this go so viral, and she admits they're just taking it all in!

Many have shared the image on social media tagging Ellen DeGeneres, and Gregory says they'd love to meet the talk show host.

Gregory tells E! News that, with the photo's internet fame, "my dream in my heart of hearts would be for us to go to Disney World." Paging Ellen...

Betsy Gregory Photography

Overall, these kids further prove that playing ball #LikeAGirl is a great thing, reminding us of this inspiring message: