People who are about to get married, repeat after us: "I will not drink so much at my wedding that I end up humiliating my new spouse to the point where he/she might actually divorce me before the ink on our marriage certificate dries."

If you need a visual aid for this life lesson, look no further than this YouTube video called "Congrats, You Married A Drunk." Now obviously weddings are for a great time to party, and of course brides and grooms have every right to have some drinks to celebrate their marriage with friends and family. But drinking so much that you can barely stand up during the garter removal? That's not the best way to start off your married life.

We're sure this guy will be a terrific husband and he just had a bit too much bubbly, but oh dear god look at him try and give his poor bride a lap dance. Spoiler alert: he spends most of the time on the floor instead of her lap. And then he partakes in the age old tradition of removing his new wife's garter, which goes just about as expected seeing as he's probably seeing four legs instead of two.

As for his lovely bride? She just sits there, visibly fuming. You know this guy is getting the verbal beat down of his life once he's sober. Too bad that wasn't caught on tape.

Congrats anyway, you two! May your marriage have more happy memories and fewer moments that include stumbling around to Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone"

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