24: Check Out the Trailer for Season Seven

Preview for 24 season seven and dish on the upcoming movie

By Kristin Dos Santos Nov 01, 2008 12:29 AMTags

Jack's back. The latest trailer for 24 is here. You can see it above, and it's a doozy. (A car flying off a building is never a bad thing!)

Now, the good news about season seven is it looks awesome, but the bad news is it doesn't start until January! Luckily, the two-hour TV movie is coming soon.

24: Redemption saves you from 24 withdrawal and sets up some of the storylines for the season. As Kiefer tells us, "The conflict that starts in the prequel is the conflict that will carry all the way through season seven."

Read on to find out who's joining the cast, which former regular Jack remembers fondly while he's on the hoof in Africa and, most important of all, which bodies hit the floor before the season even begins...

1. In the movie, Jack uses the D-word. Yep, he mentions his...daughter! Elisha Cuthbert's Kim Bauer does not appear in the movie, but Jackie boy does talk about her wistfully to one of the kids at the school in Sangala. And although she won't appear onscreen in Redemption, network sources confirm that Kim will appear in season seven.

2. Carly Pope (of Dirt and Popular fame) and Eric Lively (brother of Blake Lively) are the hot new kids in town, and they play engaged couple Roger Taylor and Samantha Roth. Roger is the son of President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones), and by the end of the movie he's well and truly enmeshed in an international conspiracy. He has no idea how deep he's gotten in the quicksand, and any move he makes only sucks him in deeper. (BTW, Pope does an amazing job in the movie as Roger's tightly wound, hypercautious lady-friend, and I expect as the season progresses, she'll be the reason he escapes, if he makes it out at all.)

3. There are two casualties in Redemption that set the stage for season seven's big mysteries. The dead dudes (yes, dudes) are new characters, but that doesn't mean they aren't significant. Any guesses on who's a big deal but still oh-so-disposable? Post in the comments!

24: Redemption airs Nov. 23 at 8 p.m. on Fox, and look for season seven to return in January 2009!