Disney Trip Reaction


Try to top this magical surprise!

Sean Curtin wasn't quite sure why he was leaving his last day of school one hour early. After all, another visit to the neighborhood Sky Zone trampoline park or laser tag arena could easily wait.

But little did the elementary school student know that his parents had a surprise he couldn't see coming.

"We got this in the mail today," Sean's mom said in a YouTube video going viral. "How about you open it up and see? How would you like to go there today instead?"

Inside the box was four "Magic Bands" from the Disney movie Incredibles symbolizing a trip to Disney World was in this family's future. In fact, the gang was headed to Florida for a seven-day stay at the Art of Animation immediately.

In a matter of seconds, Sean's jaw dropped to the floor as he put his hands up and started to cry. He even unbuckled his seatbelt to give his parents a big hug.

"Are you happy?" dad Brian Curtin asked. "Are those tears of joy?"

Without saying a word, Sean nodded his head to express his excitement. As for his younger sister Julia Curtin, we're not sure she understood what was going on. Luckily, her Minnie Mouse shirt led us to believe she wasn't too upset with the surprise.

"The trunk is packed with all of our suitcases," Sean's mom explained. "We're headed to Disney."

So did the group have a wonderful time? Brian was happy to comment on YouTube that the family "had a blast" after the successful surprise. Now if only are parents could think of something half as cool! Way to set the bar high Curtin family. 

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