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We feel you, Ryan Hansen. (Also, spoiler alert!)

Kristen Bell, in all her Kristen Bell glory, gathered some of her nearest and dearest last night to watch the season five finale of Game of Thrones and, just like the rest of us GoT-loving suckers, the lot of them left the party feeling as though they'd been punched in the stomach.

"Sam,Gilly,Baby Sam,2 ravens,Granny Tyrell, & a direwolf(Greywind) READY TO PARTY! @MissLauraMoses @HiRyanHansen #GoT," Bell captioned a pic of pals that included Veronica Mars co-star Hansen, who smartly went as Samwell Tarly (where were you when Jon needed you, Sam? Where?!), The hostess herself went as Lady Tyrell, another character who escaped a fate worse than (take your pick of GoT fates) because she wasn't even in the finale.

"Guys, my dog has greyscale. Do NOT tell the lord of light. #dogs #greyscale," Bell shared a pic of her adorable, decidedly un-scaly pup. (But seriously, not even this little guy would be safe from that redheaded biznitch.

So, it was all costumes and fun at the beginning of the night, but as the cliffhanger-packed episode went on...

"Kinda lost my Throner after that one. #GOT," Hansen tweeted after the final, shocking, blood-soaked-and-seeping scene that ferried both us and, gulp, Jon Snow into the darkness.

Or as Bell noted, "HOW. DARE. THEY."

Oh, but they did.

And though director David Nutter (man, what a great name) flatly told The Hollywood Reporter, in an inteview published today, "Jon Snow is dead,"  it can't be just a bummer of coincidence that we (and Jon Snow) finally saw what the White Walkers can really do.

All men must die, but look what just happened to all those dead people! And while we can't really picture (or would want to picture) Kit Harington's heroic Knight's Watchman as a blue-eyed zombie, perhaps there's something else coursing through his veins that makes him more than mortal.

Go ahead, GoT, make Kristen Bell weep with sloth-caliber joy come springtime!

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