Jeb Bush Also Unveiled His New Campaign Logo, But America Is Not Impressed

Sorry, Jeb, but this logo just isn't cutting it.

By Seija Rankin Jun 15, 2015 10:44 PMTags
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If this is the first sign of the success of Jeb Bush's presidential campaign, we're guessing he's had better days.

The former Florida Governor officially entered the 2016 race, but it's his new logo that's really getting people talking. The republican candidate chose an, er, interesting graphic for the design, with plain red text topped off by a slightly (okay, very) awkward exclamation point. Bush probably thought he was going with something simple and not-distracting, with the added bonus of not referring to his divisive last name.


What he got instead was a logo that got literally everyone talking. Everyone! And not about his announcement speech or what kind of candidacy he'll run or what policies he'll support. They're just talking about how bad that logo is. 

Many people think that the graphic is so bad, in fact, that it shouldn't even be used for politics. A talk show? Sure. An off-brand soda? Probably. A multi-million dollar attempt at the presidency? Definitely not.

Luckily Jeb's graphic design loss is our comedy gain. We've had endless laughs over not only how the logo actually looks, but all the amazing jokes and comparisons that the American people are coming up with. American people that do not seem to be taking him remotely seriously, we might add. Maybe it's already time for a campaign regroup?