So what episode are you on? 

That's the big question this weekend as people around the world are hunkering down for a weekend of doing nothing but watching all of Orange is the New Black. If you've gotten to episode six, you've met Stella, the newest addition to the cast, and you might have an inkling of how she's going to be shaking things up this season.

"She definitely mixes up all the dynamics," star Taylor Schilling tells E! News of Australian model and actress Ruby Rose

Rose plays Stella, an inmate who, despite her new arrival to the show, has apparently been at Litchfield the whole time without being noticed. How she managed to stay under everyone's radar all this time is beyond us, because, as Dashca Polanco notes, "She's hot!"

While she may not have been on the show for the first two and a half seasons, Rose might as well have been there based on how big of a fan she is.

Orange Is The New Black, OITNB, Taylor Schilling, Ruby Rose

JoJo Whilden/Netflix

"Am I a human?! Of course I was a fan of the show!" she tells E! News in the video above. In fact, OITNB was the series that first introduced her to the phenomenon known as binging. 

"I started on a Friday, ended on a Tuesday, and I was like, there might be something wrong with me." 

Yep. Been there.  

Rose also has endless praise for the show itself, citing its portrayals of all different kinds of people and relationships.

"For me, it's so important to see gay and lesbian relationships on the screen, and depicted in such a way that is real."

As for the "confident, sort of cheeky, charismatic" Stella, Rose claims to be nothing like her, especially in terms of her involvement with Piper and Alex. 

"God bless her," she tells us. "I wouldn't have the confidence to do such a thing, ever!" 

For more from Rose and to hear the rest of the cast gush over how wonderful she is, watch the adorable video above! 

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