LeBron James, Penis


It was a tough game for LeBron James last night. His team lost to the Warriors, he smashed his head on a courtside camera...oh, and he showed his penis to the entire world. That'll get ya.

Those watching the festivities live may not have even noticed the slip (who pays that much attention to the pregame anyway?), but thanks to the Internet the news spread like wildfire. The nation may be divided over allegiance to the Cavaliers or the Warriors, but for right now we are united in our shock and awe over James' penis. And that, friends, is a beautiful thing. 

As tends to happen when something of this, er, caliber happens, reactions varied greatly. Some television viewers were completely fascinated. Some viewers simply felt the need to investigate further (by which we mean: experiment with the pause button). Some were ashamed of their complete inability to look at anything else other than freeze-frames of The Penis. Others still just thought it was one big joke that distracted from the actual issue at hand. (You know, the game?)

Since we're always all ears when it comes to a errant penis, we've been on this story since it broke. And by "on this story" we mean "obsessively scrolling through Twitter." America has a lot to say about this important issue, and we're bringing all of the best sentiments to you. Because we'd never let you down when there's a penis to peek at.

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