Bristol Palin Rants About Miley Cyrus' "Hilarious Tirade About Tolerance" and Remarks Made About Christians

Miley had made her comments in a nude cover story

By Corinne Heller Jun 12, 2015 3:25 PMTags
Miley CyrusJeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Bristol Palin is not a fan of Miley Cyrus.

The 24-year-old daughter of Conservative leader and former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, criticizes the 22-year-old pop star over comments she made to Paper magazine in a recently published story that was accompanied by a nude cover pic and other naked photos.

"While her nude photo shoot has attracted the attention of many, it is her hilarious tirade about tolerance that turned my head," Bristol wrote in a scathing rant posted on her Patheos blog.

Miley, daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus, was raised Christian in Tennessee before the family moved to Los Angeles, and is outspoken about her liberal views. The singer is the founder of the Happy Hippie Foundation, which helps the homeless and LGBT youth.

In the original Paper article, she expresses disapproval of a famous Bible story and lawmakers who don't support the LGBT community, and also jokes that her parents, with whom she appears to have good relationships, are "conservative-ass motherf--kers."

"Is it just me or does it seem more than a little fake that someone claiming to be accepting of everyone and everything would spew such judgment towards her own parents and their deeply held religious beliefs?" Bristol wrote on her blog.

"She wants everyone else to let her be 'free to be Miley,' but seems unwilling to offer the same respect to her parents and those who wish to live out their Christian faith," she continued. "Oh, Miley. Thanks for giving us the best example of what 'tolerance' looks like in Hollywood: it looks a lot like contempt."

In the Paper magazine article, writer Amanda Petrusich wrote, "I believe [Miley] when she says she's the least judgmental person ever" and quotes the singer as saying that "as long as you're not hurting anyone...your choices are your choices."

She also asked Miley what she thinks about people who believe Noah's Ark was real.

"That's f--king insane," Miley replied. "We've outgrown that fairy tale, like we've outgrown f--king Santa and the tooth fairy."

In her blog post, Bristol cites lines from a article that paraphrases parts of the Paper magazine story, which is readily available online. She also titled it, "Miley Cyrus Claims She's 'Least Judgmental Person Ever,' Calls Christians 'Insane Motherf--kers.'"

Miley said no such thing.

In 2010, when the singer starred on the Disney Channel's Hannah Montana, she said in an interview with Parade magazine that she identifies as a "Christian."

"Jesus is who saved me. He's what keeps me full and whole," she said. "But everyone is entitled to what they believe and what keeps them full. Hopefully, I can influence people and help them follow the same path I am on, but it is not my job to tell people what they are doing wrong."