Pizza hut hot dog bites pizza


Pizza Hut is doing something insane. For the love of pizza. For the love of hot dogs. For the love of freedom. For the love of AMERICA.

Just like the American Revolutionary War, what was once owned by Great Britain is now going to be available in the United States. We're not sure where we are going with this history analogy so let's just abandon it and start over. But basically British Pizza Hut's once sold a pizza with a hot dog stuffed crust, and now we are finally getting our own version over here in the States.

Anyway, Pizza Hut is going to start selling a Hot Dog Bites Pizza, which is a pizza with pigs in a blanket baked right into the crust. If that isn't the most patriotic pizza on the market right now, we don't know what is. Although Little Caesars' bacon-wrapped pizza is a close second.

"It's real. Hot Dog Bites Pizza is coming to America. 6.18.15," read Pizza Hut's tweet regarding this monstrosity. That's 28 hot dogs surrounding your large, one-topping pizza, folks. Can you feel your arteries clogging? Your heart slowing? Your breath shortening? Feels like America!

"Pizza Hut has created the perfect combination for American taste buds," the company writes in a press release. The pizza comes with a side of French's mustard and will cost brave consumers $11.99.

As American as this creation is, Pizza Hut could do one better to make it truly worthy of this glorious country: wrap those hot dogs in bacon and deep-fry it. So call us when that happens, Hutty. (That's our nickname for Pizza hut. No big deal.)

When we eat a deep-fried bacon hot dog bites pizza, then we will be impressed. And also probably dead.

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